Monday, April 14, 2014

From the Desk of Kathleen Kirkwood ... Heading Forward


Due to the recent loss of my brother and the ongoing family health issues that need my personal attention and presence — all gladly given — I confess, my writing has been greatly slowed.

Mr. KK has brought to my attention the many visits to my website and especially the numerous views given to, PIRATES’ MOON, my upcoming book. Be assured this work is indeed in progress, and I’m quite excited about bringing it to you and the light of print. It is truly a book of my heart. Hopefully, PIRATES’ MOON will be available soon, though I cannot offer a date at this moment.

Meanwhile, with Mr. KK’s assistance, the Kathleen Kirkwood Historicals website will be “refreshed” with new additions, putting you in closer touch with my novel’s characters, real and fictious, plus offering extra bits of interesting background information, and even recipes enjoyed by the characters in their respective stories.

Also, my blog will return, the goal being weekly postings. Mr. KK strongly suggests I keep the blogs short and fun (in other words “get back to writing the book!” as he’s always nudging me).

Aye, aye, sir. Sounds like a plan. My next blog post will be on the total lunar eclipse that will visible tonight across the U.S. I’ll be watching. Will you? Or did you not realize — tonight is the night of the Blood Moon? Could Captain Damian Wynters and his crew be sailing from the mists of time once more? Follow this link to discover the Legend of the Pirates’ Moon, and in my next blog I include a most curious connection between the events in this novel to tonight’s lunar eclipse .

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