Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


We hope that your celebrations are filled with every joy, blessing and good cheer . . . and maybe even a cup or two of egg nog!

Kathleen and Mr. KK

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December BookBub promotion: The Captive Heart – Free!

Happy holidays, everyone! Tis the month to make merry. . . And, to make your month merrier, Mr. KK and I are offering the third e-book of the HEART series, The Captive Heart, for free from December 10th through December 14th, available only on Amazon. Also, to ensure that you didn’t miss the first two books of the series, The Valiant Heart and The Defiant Heart will be specially priced at 99 cents for the same period.


The Captive Heart

A maiden of Normandy, mistakenly abducted . . .

Kidnapped from the ducal palace of Rouen, Ailénor quickly realizes her captors’ mistake and the peril that yet threatens her mother. As the ruffians smuggle her aboard ship, bound and gagged, and set forth for Ireland, she is desperate to escape . . . unaware her champion is near at hand.

A Saxon lord on a secret mission for his king . . .

No sooner does Garreth of Tamworth arrive in Normandy than he encounters the entrancing scarlet-haired maiden who literally knocks him off his feet. But their stolen moments and budding passions end abruptly when his audience with the Duke concludes badly. As he departs Rouen, little does he realize that the beautiful Ailénor lies hidden aboard, just beneath his feet.

Now only he can save her from family enemies returned from long past, seeking revenge . . .

Yet amid the darkest danger, their all-consuming love is forged . . .

- - - - -

“Each sentence is a finely polished jewel. Anita Gordon is a marvelous writer with a rare ability to weave historical research into an action-packed romance.”

—Julie Beard, bestselling author of Lady and the Wolf

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You can pick up your free copy here:

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The Defiant Heart

The mighty fleet of drakken swept north, carving the fog-bound sea. Swift and silent they coursed, triumphant high-prowed dragon ships, their hulls heavy with plunder—serpents in the mists . . .
Onward they plowed through trackless ocean and sunless haze, bearing their precious cargo — ivory, gold, and womanly flesh — far from the Isle of Eire, far to where gelid shores and hoarfrost lairs brinked the earth.
A horn brayed long and deep, sending chills to crawl over Ailinn as the lead vessel signaled its companions through the curtain of gray. The others quickly took up the call and repeated the blast from stern to stern till the waters vibrated with the sound of trumpeting beasts.

Thus begins the perilous adventure of a beautiful Irish captive and shining warrior of the North who vows to save her. Join Ailinn and Lyting as their story sweeps from the shores of Ireland to the lands of the Rus and the glittering courts of Byzantium. Amid dangers and intrigue, their passions set fire and will not be denied.
- - - - -

 “A rich and sumptuous feast of romantic historical adventure . . . I read all night.” — Bertrice Small, author of To Love Again

“A wonderful story of grand adventure and enduring love — I thoroughly enjoyed it!” — Anita Mills, author of The Fire and the Fury

“From the first page to the last, The Defiant Heart is totally captivating.” — Linda Abel, publisher, The Medieval Chronicle

“A masterpiece of fiction! Five stars!” — Affaire de Coeur

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The Valiant Heart

A beautiful heiress and pawn of the king . . .

Dispossessed of her lands by the marauding Norsemen, Brienne Beaumanoir is brought from cloister by royal decree and offered as a bride to her enemy.

A golden warrior of the North . . .

Sent to escort his father’s promised bride to the Barony of Valsemé, Rurik Atlison finds himself entranced by the dark-haired beauty and his passions set aflame.

Love unexpected, bringing peril to all . . .

Tormented by their desires, Rurik and Brienne resist giving in to their yearnings and endangering their people.

But destiny will not be denied . . .

Their love will burn brightly through all the ages to come as Norse and Frank meld into a new people — the Normans.
- - - - -

 “Wonderful historical fantasy; I read it with avid enjoyment!” — Roberta Gellis, author of Fires of Winter

Exciting and heartrending, touched with warmth and humor. One of the best novels I’ve read in years!” — Rene J. Garrod, author of Passion’s Endless Tide

“Anita Gordon joins the ranks of the finest Medieval novelists.” — Romantic Times Magazine

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Happy Reading!