Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019!

Eagle Cam, Charles County Parks & Recreation, Port Tobacco River Park

 “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come …”

I love this quote from Tennyson and would add that countless possibilities and fresh adventures await us as well. May they all be happy ones in 2019!

Many months have passed since my last newsletter. For those who have recently joined us, Mr. KK and I relocated across country from the desert southwest to the mid-Atlantic to care for my parents who were then entering their 90s. Astonishingly, nearly four years have passed. They have been filled with a mixture of joy, heartbreak and gratitude. Mother is no longer with us and my father is more than halfway through his 94th year with all the attendant challenges.

Necessarily, my writing efforts moved aside and currently proceed at a glacial pace. Yet proceed they do, not on one story alone, but on two. Some days it is easier to switch between projects and make progress as inspiration flows and time allows. Future updates will be coming on those works.

Meanwhile, my website has been refreshed with new articles added on “Viking Age Iceland.” You will find them on the Author Confidential page at www.kathleenkirkwoodhistoricals.com.  

Also, since the status of PIRATES’ MOON remains “In Progress,” its cover and link has been relocated from the cover-art side bar to the Author Confidential page as well. There you will find the PIRATES’ dedicated page plus articles related to that story.

As we move deeper into the chilly days of January, Mr. KK and I will be enjoying a bit of arm-chair bird watching as we anticipate (hopefully) several “new” arrivals in the Port Tobacco River Valley. The eagles are back and preparing their nest. January to March is their prime time to lay their eggs and hatch their nestlings. Enjoy the county’s “eagle cam” and watch with us from the comfort of your home. https://www.facebook.com/CharlesCountyParksRecreation/videos/

If you are like us, when days are short and cold, there is nothing so pleasurable as curling up with a favorite hot “cuppa” and a good book, or two, or even three.  And if you especially enjoy Medieval adventures with Norsemen abounding, then please download our New Year Special offering The HEART Trilogy in e-book format, FREE from January 2 – January 6, 2019. The Collection contains my award-winning novels: THE VALIANT HEART, THE DEFIANT HEART, and THE CAPTIVE HEART.

The HEART Trilogy – Free from January 2 through January 6, 2019

And the Family Scribes …

Daughter, author and cover-artist, Kimberly, creates Romance and Fantasy Art in between penning her novels. She will soon be refreshing the cover of PIRATES’ MOON with a slight “touch-up.” Stay tuned and enjoy a visit to her website and gallery at http://www.llynara.com.


Son, Scott, is the author of over 150 children’s books in ten different languages – an amazing achievement with more projects to come! His collection can be found at his Amazon author page here.

While son Chris has been known to tell many a “tall tale,” he has had little time to write them down due to his day job as a restaurant real-estate broker. Still, I’m told he keeps his story-telling skills sharpened, entertaining his fur-friends, Groot & Rocket, who are ever attentive - especially when there is a treat involved!

Happy New Year
from all of us,
two-legged and four!