Thursday, February 14, 2013


Romance is in the air, and what could be more romantic than cover art featuring Jimmy Thomas?

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve contracted custom photo shoots with Jimmy for all four books of the “HEART” series. Once the covers are ready, the original books of the trilogy will be released a month apart: THE VALIANT HEART, THE DEFIANT HEART, and THE CAPTIVE HEART. THE GALLANT HEART will follow in 2014.

Check back for updates on release times. Hopefully, all will be ready in a month or two. Story synopses for the HEART books can be found at Simply click on the cover art and you will be directed to a dedicated page.

Please note that these books were originally published under my name, “Anita Gordon.”  Current wisdom in this digital age advises authors to place all their titles under ONE name. After initially resisting the notion – but then recalling readers who lost track of me after I took a pen name (required when I changed publishers) -  I decided it best to stay with one name. Since my “Kathleen Kirkwood” titles went out digital door in 2012, the HEART books will be released under my pen name as well. I hope this will not confuse fans from the past and would certainly welcome your thoughts.

Meanwhile, Happy Valentine’s Day, and if you’d like to visit Jimmy Thomas’ amazing websites, here’s where you can find him: