Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome to Kathleen Kirkwood's Blog Page

(Author in front of Old Main at the University of Arizona)

Kathleen Kirkwood is the pen name for award-winning, best-selling Historical Romance author, Anita Gordon.

Well, I'm Back!

Incredibly, over a decade has passed since my last novel, His Fair Lady, saw the light of print and made its way onto bookshelves nationwide.  Happily, Lady enjoyed a successful run, capturing The Golden Quill Award before disappearing into the secondary market. Meanwhile, owing to exhaustion and the inescapable upheavals that ever accompany life, I decided to take a bit of a break.  Never did I dream, or intend for my little sabbatical to turn into an eleven-year walkabout!

Technology, of course, exploded during that time, opening new doors and possibilities to writers as never before.   I confess, at first, I resisted the idea of bringing out my back list in digital format, or of adding new titles in that realm.  But, as my octogenarian father and my eldest son, Scott, blazed the Indie trail right past me (with considerable success!)—and with my family’s continued encouragement and support, especially that of my husband—I’ve decided to pick up my pen, get off the sidelines, and join in the fun.

And so, I’m back.  And very happy to be, I might add, for there are characters and stories buzzing in my head, longing to be set free and take wing.

Please enjoy browsing my new Kathleen Kirkwood Historicals and Anita Gordon websites.  Both are still under construction and content will continue to be updated. 

Shades of the Past is the first Kirkwood novel to be dusted off, revived, revised and re-edited. It will be available in digital and print formats on Saint Patrick's Day (March 17, 2012).  Enjoy the first chapter of Adrian and Vanessa’s story by clicking on the link below.

Look for additional Kathleen Kirkwood releases this year including a completely new work, Pirates’ Moon, a haunting tale set on the Chesapeake Bay and historic Southern Maryland during the tumultuous last days of the Civil War.