Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Dragonships have sailed . . .


The second book of the HEART Trilogy is now available.

The North Sea, 915 A.D.

The mighty fleet of drakken swept north, carving the fogbound sea. Swift and silent they coursed, triumphant high-prowed dragonships, their hulls heavy with plunder — serpents in the mists.

Onward they plowed through trackless ocean and sunless haze, bearing their precious cargo — ivory, gold, and womanly flesh — far from the Isle of Eire, far to where gelid shores and hoarfrost lairs brinked the earth.

Sample chapters are available on my website:


Celebrating the new release, THE VALIANT HEART, Book #1 of the Trilogy
 is being offered at a reduced promotional price.

Sample chapters are also available on my website:


Next blog: Iceland, Vikings and a special treat—Pönnukökur með þeyttum rjóma.

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