Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fabio in his Golden Fifties!?!

Incredible! Fabio turned 54 this week on Friday, March 15.

I’m still getting my head around that, but I think that the man still looks great for every one of those years. Huffington Post celebrated Fabio's birthday by revisiting 40 of his best book covers. Yippee! THE VALIANT HEART appears at #20. Here he's portraying my Danish hero, Rurik. The cover was painted by artist, David Stimson, in 1991.

Stop by and check out all the wonderful covers by clicking on the following link:

A LITTLE UPDATE: Jimmy Thomas will soon begin the photo shoots for the four new HEART series covers. He's going to great lengths, having had a new, period-accurate wardrobe sewn, selecting just the right medieval weapons and will even be dying his hair blonde and adding hair extensions for my two Norse heroes, Rurik and Lyting. Much more to come on that!

Jimmy has been absolutely fabulous to work with and I'm looking forward to sharing the new covers with you soon, as well as the newly revised books.

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