Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thanks & a peek at HIS FAIR LADY

Thanks to everyone who emailed me their feedback on the "Castle on the Hill" and the size that Dunraven Castle should be. As always, I learn so much from the different points of view. So as to not "upstage" the couple on the cover, we decided to go with the slightly smaller castle. We tried an even smaller castle but the balance seemed "off." Best leave well enough alone.

Oh happy day! Just as A SLIP IN TIME is about to go out the door, the cover for my next book, HIS FAIR LADY, came in. No, hubby and I didn't create this one. Rather, I fell in love with a premade cover by Delle Jacobs and worked with her to make changes specific to my story. Delle was wonderful to work with and I'm totally pleased with the new cover art.  I'm targeting September for LADY's release. Here is the beautiful new cover - drum roll please ...

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