Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Well, we’re at it again. Previously, Hubby and I held a little vote on three different versions of the new cover for A SLIP IN TIME, “Blue” won the day and features Edinburgh Castle on the hill. I bowed to popular choice which won by a sizable margin (I voted “Gold”), but the castle continued to bother me. The façade is just so plain and nothing like the description of Dunraven Castle in the book which is spotlighted time and again and is integral to the plot.

Hubby endured my grumblings and a good bit of pleading, too (he may say “pestering”), and we tried some new looks. The new castle isn’t a perfect match to the story description either, but much closer – the key elements being Dunraven’s ancient keep, a massive tower rising on one end, and then additions and extensions built over time, in different styles, down through the centuries.

We’d love your feedback as to which cover appeals to you most, and whether, as a reader, it makes a difference if the cover art matches the story – closely, somewhat, or not at all.

Below are three different cover views – Edinburgh castle and two of the alternate castle (Culzean, with a slightly modified tower.)  The difference in the two covers featuring Culzean is the size of the castle on the hill, the last being slightly smaller.  Okay, maybe I am a perfectionist as accused (I won’t mention names), but it’s a matter of perspective and what looks appropriate on the hill. Click on any of the images to see all of them in higher definition.

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Thanks & Enjoy!

Edinburgh Castle (original)

Culzean Castle (larger)

Culzean Castle (smaller)

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  1. I prefer the last one..
    Reasons- I like the couple to stand out and the first two castles took dominance in the picture, IMO.
    I love the Edinburgh castle, but again it seemed larger than life and overshadowed the couple.

    Does it makes a difference if the cover art matches the story – not for me, it matters more if the couple didn't match the description in the story, if not I would be thinking I wasn't reading the right book.

    Best of luck...