Friday, June 19, 2015

BKNIGHTS Promotion: A Slip In Time - $0.99

I'm pleased to announce the BKNIGHTS follow-on promotion for A Slip In Time. The promo will start tomorrow (actually at midnight tonight PDT) and run through July 12th (ends at midnight PDT on that day). For book information, please refer to the previous blog post, titled "BookBub Promotion: A Slip In Time". The links in that blog post will work for the BKNIGHTS promo also. BKNIGHTS will announce the promo on June 22, June 29 and July 6. Happy Fourth of July!

For those of you who bought A Slip In Time today after the BookBub promo ended and before the BKNIGHTS promo begins, we fully understand if you would like to return your $3.99 book to Amazon and repurchase it for $0.99. Thanks for your patience!

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