Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kathleen Kirkwood HEART Trilogy Sampler Now Available!

Happy news! Kathleen Kirkwood Sampler #2 is now available for free download from multiple sites. Go to Samplers Web Page for the links best suited to your eReading devices.

Please Note, this is a Sampler, offering just that — a substantial sample of each of the three HEART books, but not the books in their entirety. Sampler #2 contains:

THE VALIANT HEART  (Prologue and the first three chapters)

THE DEFIANT HEART (Prologue and the first five chapters)

THE CAPTIVE HEART.(Prologue and the first three chapters)

THE VALIANT HEART and THE DEFIANT HEART are currently available, and THE CAPTIVE HEART will be added next week on July 15th completing the trilogy. Dedicated pages to each book and purchase information and links to the major vendors (digital and print) can be found at

Sampler #1 is also available for free download. Please follow the links on Samplers Web Page.



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