Sunday, September 23, 2012

Online Interview, Review and Giveaways

Hello, Mr. KK here again. Kathleen has just finished an on-line interview with Black Tulip, a Confessions From Romaholics premier reviewer, and has started an associated CFR giveaway of each of her four Kathleen Kirkwood e-books. Click on the link below to access the interview, Black Tulip's review of HIS FAIR LADY,  the giveaway information, and all posted comments. Hint - the giveaway information is after the interview and review, but before the comments (about two-thirds of the way down the page). These giveaways end on September 26th, so please join and enter soon!

And, to celebrate the recent release of HIS FAIR LADY, we're also giving away three trade paperback copies of it on the GoodReads site. Click on the following link for the info. These giveaways end on October 4th.


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