Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kobo and iBookBuzz

For those who have asked, we have created Kobo versions of A Slip In Time and Shades of the Past (His Fair Lady will join them in September). And, we've added links to our website that take you directly to the Kobo ordering page for each book. Here is the website URL:

Also, if you have a chance, check out the August iBookBuzz Monthly Contest featuring four selected Historical Romance novels, including A Slip In Time. It's an honor to be in such wonderful company!

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  1. Wonderful post! There were women who rode to hounds in those pre-1830s sidesaddles, though they were few and their skills must have been amazing. I like the little aside in the Sidesaddle Asso's handbook that a gentleman is supposed to arrange the lady's skirts over her boots--she's occupied with controlling the horse, so his assistance is only practical. Right.