Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tally for new covers

Many thanks to everyone who emailed me their choice and offered comments on the three potential covers for A SLIP IN TIME.  This has been a fascinating exercise to say the least.
First, a little background:  Hubby’s and my first efforts produced the “blue” cover featuring Edinburgh Castle.  It is hubby’s favorite and has been from the get go.  Lovely as it is, I felt it to be a bit conventional so I prodded hubby to work with a sunset photo of another Scottish castle, Eilean Donan.  This became the “red” cover.  It, too, captured my heart, but while trolling through more castle photos on royalty-free sites, I discovered the intriguing tower shot of Scaligers Castle in Italy which had been given a glowing gold “vintage” effect.  I fell in love with it, and as you might guess, once the newest cover was created, “gold” became my favorite.  I thought the matter to be decided, (hubby didn’t pout too much that I hadn’t chosen “blue”) but when we tested the covers with family and neighbors, blue won out over gold (slightly) and red didn’t make it out of the proverbial starting gate.  Hence, we floated out the covers to a wider audience online.
Again, thank you for your feedback.  It has given us a wholly fresh perspective and has been a learning tool.  Sixty-two people “voted” and here are the results — Drum roll, please:
Blue — 41 votes
Gold — 16 votes
Red — 5 votes
Comments for the blue cover included:  “most professional,” “most romantic,” “the cold appearance of the castle  is a good contrast to the lovers in the foreground,” “I like that you can see Scotland and its beauty in color,” “it establishes an older European feeling with the castle on the hill,” “the blue because of the clarity of the color. It is beautiful.”
Interestingly, those who chose blue as their 1st choice, chose gold as a close second 2nd and vice versa. 
Comments for the gold cover included: the gold one evokes a feeling of "A Slip In Time" because the gold castle gives more of a distant evocative feel,” “I think it has a classic look to it and stands out a bit more than the blue cover,” “The GOLD --- by a long shot --- it is dazzling and shows off the tans of the people in the picture better.”
Comments for the red cover included:  “The color makes it stand out as different,” “The castle is a mist in the background adding mystery, the lovers catch your attention, and it is the simplest drawing and stands out most. And of course we have the color of passion!”

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